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Student Ambassadors

Mrs. Swonger will update this website with current information and reminders for Student Ambassadors.  Please check this page regularly.

Student Ambassador Faculty Advisors
Ms. Swonger & Ms. Culp

Meeting Dates

Mondays Maroon Block 


Meetings occur weekly during the first marking period and either biweekly/monthly during the rest of the year.

New Student Tours

Senior Leads: 
Manuela & Paige

Communicate with counselors and ambassadors to organize new student tours on the students first day of school.

Back 2 School Event

Senior Leads: 
Natalie & Ella

August 24th

(morning & evening)

Planned along with NHS

Help direct students and parents around the building and answer questions.  Typically split into a morning and evening session, ambassadors can volunteer for one or both.

New Student Breakfast

Senior Leads: 
Lily & Brooke

September 22nd


Greet new students who enrolled over the summer and help make connections.  Assist with icebreaker activities and Q & A's.

Senior Lead: 

Update Ambassador IG page

Create/share videos and other advertisements for the club

Ambassador Bootcamp

Senior Lead:  Manuela

August 17th 2023 9-10am

Learn how to give tours, help students and get to know your fellow ambassadors!

College Fair

Senior Leads: 
Paige & Leila

Wednesday October 18th 2023

Ambassadors help set up tables in the afterno then return to BHS at 4:15pm until 8pm

Middle School Field Trip

Senior Leads:  TBD

Date: April 30th

Visit SRMS & MRMS to speak to 8th graders about high school life.

Freshman 1st Day

Senior Leads: 
Lindsey & Casey

August 28th 2023

Planned along w/ NHS

Greet students, give tours, help with team building activities and assist in classrooms/hallways.

Various Sign Ups for events and information gathering will appear here throughout the year:
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