Schedule Change Policy

Schedule Correction Process from Administration

We make staffing decisions for almost 2,300 students based on course requests. We cannot allow students to change their courses in the fall and staff the building effectively. No changes to course requests will be made after the submission of course requests unless the change meets the requirements of BOE Policy/Regulation IG-RA: Selection and Changing of Courses.


Counselors have made every effort to ensure that students are enrolled in the classes that meet graduation requirements and align with the requests made during course selection in February and the Course Verification process in April.


The reasons for which a student’s schedule would be corrected are:

1. Adding courses for seniors who need a specific course to meet graduation requirements.

2. Correcting courses for sequential order.

3. Inserting courses to deal with failures from previous school year or semester.

4. Deleting courses previously taken and passed (earned credit).

5. Adding new courses to replace those made up in summer school.

6. Adding academic subjects recommended by college or employer (must be certified in writing by the 

    college or employer).

7. Correcting courses for health reasons (must be certified in writing by a physician).

8. Changing courses as a result of a course correction in another subject.

9. Changing courses as a result of teacher recommendation.

10. Increasing the rigor of program (this option only applies if there are seats in a class).


If you believe your student’s schedule requires a course correction due to one of the reasons listed above, please email Ms. Troutner, AP in charge of scheduling, at as soon as possible.