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2023-2024 Scheduling Information
*For current BHS students*

Our Upperclassmen Scheduling Night for parents was held
Jan. 31, 2023

View the presentation slides here.

Welcome to the 2023-2024 Course Selection Process!  The school counseling department has been working hard to create online content, how-to videos, and presentations to assist you through this.  We have broken this process down into 3 steps which are detailed further below. 

1.  Know your graduation requirements (what courses do you need for graduation?)
2. What did your teachers recommend for you?   Which electives are you most interested in?
    Use the worksheets provided to organize your course requests before entering them online.  
3. Enter your course requests into your Student Portal account and SUBMIT them ahead of time.
Counselors will be meeting with students individually through English classes throughout February and March to assist them with this process and are also available during select open (no appointment required) Bruin Blocks for specific questions.


Graduation Requirements


Before selecting courses, it is important to know which courses are required for graduation and which classes you still need to take in order to graduate.  A chart with this information from the AACPS Program of Study can be found hereStudents are able to view their course history in Student Portal to verify which courses they still need.


There are 4 steps to graduation: 

Teacher Recommendations & Electives

Math Class

Copies of the grade level worksheets can be found below and copies are available in the counseling office if needed.  Click on the grade level you will be in for the 23-24 school year.

Applications Due March 15th

You will be able to view your teacher recommendations in Student Portal.  Information on logging in can be found in the blue section below. 


Before logging in, it would be helpful to utilize the following worksheets to plan your courses.  When selecting classes consider the following:  your teacher recommendations, courses required for graduation, a balanced workload that supports your well being and focusing on areas of interest to you.  





Entering Course Requests in Student Portal

Power School.png

All students will enter course requests for the 2023-2024 school year through their Student Portal account.  Students should be familiar with this as they have used this process for the last couple of years.  The school counselors have made instructional videos to help and are available to answer questions during select open Bruin Blocks.

It is important that students add their 8 credits and hit SUBMIT before Feb. 6.  Counselors can make edits when meeting with students during their English class but will not have time to enter courses for all students within a single class period.  Submitting course requests ahead of time is crucial as we are time limited and want to spend that time discussing courses and answering questions.

 Logging in to Student Portal

Entering Course Requests in Student Portal

Remember, school counselors are available to help you through this process. 
Students can visit school counselors during Bruin Block for questions or schedule an individual appointment if necessary.  We will meet with all students individually during their English class throughout February and March.  See our timeline for visiting each grade level here.

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