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How to see your Counselor...

  • Stop by during Bonus or Bruin Block or ask your teacher for a pass if its an emergency

  • Send them an email and they can send a pass for you when they are available. 

  • You can also see your counselor during Bruin Block, no appointment needed!  All counselors Bruin Block schedules are pictured below.  


Fall BB Schedule.png
Mrs. Heather Schramek
Last Names A-Co 
Emily pic.jpg
Mrs. Emily Baczewski
Last Names Cp-G


Mr. Luke Wilhelm
Last Names H-Lg 

Mr. James Gondak
Last Names Lh-Mh and PVA 
Mr. Tim Smith
Last Names Mi-Pl

Ms. Pamela Fica
Last Names Pm-Sn and ESOL
Mrs. Stephanie Swonger
Last Names So-Z

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