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Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are an essential part of you college application.  Research how many letters a college will accept before asking your teachers and counselor.

You must request at least 10 days before your college deadline to give us time to write a thoughtful letter. 

First ask a teacher in person. Make sure it is a teacher who knows your academic strengths.

Once they say yes, request the letter through Naviance. Go to "Colleges I'm Applying To" and "Letters of Recommendation"

Click "Add Request" button. Select a teacher and which college the request is for.  Be sure to note which colleges require letters and how many.  You will be blocked from sending letters to colleges that do not accept them or colleges that you have already requested the maximum amount allowed.  Be sure to THANK your teachers!

Teacher Request

Complete the "Senior Survey" in Naviance. Go to "About Me" and "Surveys from Your School" and "Senior Survey for Counselor Recommendation"

Complete the Transcript Request Form for College Applications and indicate which schools require a letter from your counselor on that form.

We will make sure to have your letter completed and sent by the deadline as long as you give at least 10 school days notice (more notice is better!).

Counselor Request

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