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Local Scholarship Applications Due May 5th 2022

Click on the titles for a copy of each application 

Broadneck High School PTSO Scholarship

Each spring, the Broadneck High School PTSO sponsors two $1,000 scholarships for our graduating seniors.  Our scholarships recognize students who have challenged themselves academically while making a meaningful contribution to their community.  While there are minimum academic requirements, heart and character are rated more heavily than GPA.  


All scholarship applicants must be PTSO members, unless there is a financial hardship.  You may join the PTSO online any time before the application deadline.  

Bruin Athletic Boosters Scholarship

Each year, the Bruin Athletic Boosters Club proudly awards a $1,000 college scholarship to two senior student- athletes, one male and one female. These athletes are individuals who best demonstrate exemplary performance in the classroom, sport, and community.  To be eligible for this scholarship, the applicant’s family MUST have an active 2021-22 Bruin Athletic Boosters Club Membership and complete the attached application in its entirety, which includes both coach and teacher recommendation letters.

Submit completed applications to Ms. Sotiropoulos in the Counseling Office by May 5, 2022.

Michael DiPaola Scholarship

The 2 scholarships will be awarded to a male and female student-athlete who embody the values with which Michael DiPaola lived his life.  The student-athlete needs to be nominated by a coach who will send Mr. Smith a description of why he or she meets the following characteristics of the award:

     *Be a member of a varsity athletic team at Broadneck

     *Earn a minimum cumulative 3.30 unweighted GPA at the end of the first semester               senior year

     *Show a commitment to community service

     *Demonstrate his or her best effort in all endeavors and consistently demonstrate               kindness to others.


If you feel you meet these criteria, please contact your coach who will nominate you.

The Will Kohn Scholarship

The Class of 2021 wants to continue to spread mental health awareness and fuel the conversation through a scholarship in Will’s name that focuses on mental health.  There will be two recipients of The Will Kohn Scholarship! One recipient will receive $2,000 and the second runner up will receive $1,OOO that will go towards furthering their educational journey in College.



     *Broadneck High School Student

     *Volunteer work in the mental health field

     *Recommendation letter from 2 teachers

     *Respond to the essay prompt in at least 500 words "Why is Mental Health important           to you and-your impact on the mental health world?"

Submit completed applications (resume, 2 letters of recommendation and essay) to Ms. Sotiropoulos in the Counseling Office by May 5, 2022.

Jason Skarzynski Scholarship Application


Two scholarships will be awarded to two Broadneck HS graduating seniors in the amount of $2,000 each.  One will be awarded to a student with a strong interest in the arts and one to a student with a strong interest in computer science fields. The application may be downloaded from Naviance.

Return completed applications to Ms. Sotiropoulos in the Counseling Office no later than May 5, 2022.

SADD Scholarship Application


The SADD scholarship is awarded to a graduating Broadneck High School senior who demonstrates the following attributes:

     *Serves as a role model for his/her peers

     *Respected by his/her peers and school and community adults

     *Lives up to his/her own values

     *Tolerant of other's opinions

     *Demonstrates Integrity.


Please submit to Ms. Sotiropoulos in the Counseling Office by May 5, 2022.

Awesome Scholarship


Every Senior can apply who is planning on going to college after graduation. Please answer the two questions in a 1 page essay.

     *What is it that makes you awesome?

     *What are your future plans?


Tell us why, how, or what makes you awesome in a 1-page essay. Essay should have student ID (no names) at top.

Submit essays to Ms. Sotiropoulos in the Counseling Office by May 5, 2022.


Severn River Middle School PTSO Scholarship

The Severn River Middle School Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) is proud to sponsor this competitive scholarship. We are passionate about recognizing those students who have challenged themselves academically while contributing to the Broadneck community.  Heart is rated more heavily than GPA.  This scholarship is open to any and all qualifying BHS seniors. To qualify for this $500 one time award, the graduating senior must:


     1.   Have a cumulative weighted Grade Point Average of 2.5 or better.

     2.   Have a recommendation from a BHS, staff member or administrator, included in               application.

     3.   Write an original paragraph of no more than 250 words about your contribution to              the Broadneck H.S. community including activities and volunteer work you feel is              relevant.

     4.   Must have attended Severn River Middle School from 6th -8th grades   

Please return your recommendation and paragraph to Ms. Sotiropoulos by May 5th.

A copy of your transcript will be added to your application.

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