School counselors deliver essential curriculum to all students every year through classroom guidance lessons, small groups and large presentations.  We utilize the tools available through Naviance to help students identify their strengths, set goals and understand the opportunities available to them post graduation.  A brief review of our comprehensive school counseling program follows:


9th grade:    Identify strengths and set goals through classroom guidance.

10th grade:  Explore personality traits as they relate to career opportunities through classroom guidance.

11th grade:  Begin to research and plan post secondary goals through classroom guidance and small group opportunities.

12th grade:  Prepare for post secondary plans through individual meetings with counselors and small group opportunities.

Naviance is the College/Career planning tool that all high schools in AACPS use.  All students are given an account in 9th grade and School Counselors walk them through the various features throughout high school.  Weekly emails are sent to all students/parents each week via Naviance to provide updates and resources from the School Counseling Office.  All seniors will use Naviance for the college application process.

Student's User Name = 6 digit student ID number

Student's Password = Student created to be whatever they want

Forgot your password?  
Students, if your personal email address is listed on your Naviance account, you can use the "Forgot your password?" link on the Naviance sign in page to reset your account from home.

If your email address is NOT listed on your Naviance account, please email your School Counselor to request a temporary password.   Once you recreate a new password and login, please be sure to add your personal email address to your profile in the About Me about me section.  This will allow you to be able to reset your account from home in the future.