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Financial Aid & Scholarship Resources

Anne Arundel Community College 
gave a presentation called "Ways to Pay"
during our College Fair on Oct. 19th


BHS FAFSA Workshop

Jan 26th at 6pm

RSVP here


Scholarship Links

For a list of current scholarships go to the
Scholarships tab on Naviance.

Our College/Career Advisor,
Ms. Nolan is available in B107
daily to help students with scholarship and financial aid questions
and also sends weekly emails to seniors with scholarship links.

BHS Financial Aid/Scholarship Information
Scholarships for Bruins only comi
ng this spring!

Scholarship List as of 2/9
(all are listed in Naviance)

March Scholarship Newsletter from

Scholarship for Scholars
Scholarship for Scholars Presentation
 Scholarship for Scholars Website

Fast Web

Chegg Scholarships
Scholarship Search Site

Financial Aid Resources
CSS Profile
FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
Maryland Higher Education Commission
College Cost Calculator
Student Aid
Loan Rate Comparison

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